By the time she leaves Prep School at 11:

She will leave as a true collaborative individual with a range of interpersonal skills which enable her to work with and from others, being willing and able to contribute constructively and with sensitivity. She will be able to sacrifice parts of her own ideas and adopt others to achieve success. She will contribute to team performance by evaluating not just outcomes but the process of getting there. She will be ready to take a leadership role where appropriate, or a supporting role when this best suits her skills and experience.

Some of the ways we do this:

  • Collaboration is a module covered by staff in our Building Learning Power programme
  • Collaborative Clara as a mascot. Lessons provide opportunities for collaboration and paired learning.
  • The sports programme through team games.
  • School Council, Eco Council etc and committee members.
  • Buddy system across year groups.
  • Music ensembles, orchestra, choirs.

By the time she leaves Senior School at 18:

She will enjoy working within small groups, be ready to listen to other points of views, express her own, and collaboratively come to a solution. She will have excellent communication skills and will contribute constructively and with sensitivity. She will be used to working with others from outside and within the school community. She will be able to use a range of technological solutions which enable her to share her ideas with her peers and to work independently and contribute to group outcomes. She will be comfortable taking a leadership role where she is best placed to do so, or a supporting role when this is more appropriate to the task, and will value all levels of contributions.

Some of the ways we do this:

  • By leveraging digital classroom solutions to facilitate collaborative learning in lessons and beyond.
  • By offering a broad co-curricular programme with activities that encourage and reward good teamwork.
  • Production of subject specific sixth form magazine.
  • Encouraging collaborative project work.
  • Working as a team to lead house events.