By the time she leaves Prep School at 11:

She will leave the School as a caring individual with a strong sense of empathy. She will embrace the School’s BEAR values and put them into practice at every opportunity. She may reflect on spiritual dimensions of life, giving convincing reasons for her values, and be comfortable discussing her beliefs being appreciative of how others may take a different view. She will be aware of her social responsibility, seeing the need for sustainability, and proactive in developing her understanding of current threats to the environment. She will be involved in activities that help others, within school in the community or through charitable enterprises. She will celebrate diversity and be inclusive of those whose nationalities, backgrounds or beliefs are different to her own, showing respect and tolerance towards others.

Some of the ways we do this:

  • Overarching Christian ethos: assemblies programme and involvement of the chaplain, annual prayer space, create a sense of awe and wonder through memorable experiences.
  • The Diversity Working Party will ensure pupils and staff have a greater understanding of and appreciation for the live issues surrounding diversity and equality.
  • Curriculum development: PSHE, RSE and the RE scheme of work which covers four main religions, Forest School programme and focus on outdoor learning.
  • Focus on personal development: strong House system, restorative approach to managing conflicts and disagreements, an effective Eco Committee and Charity Committee.
  • Role models, consistent application of school rules and values - older pupils are trained to be role models.

By the time she leaves Senior School at 18:

She will care for others and the wider world. She will develop the skill of empathy and will value cultural, ethnic and religious diversity and the richness this diversity brings. She will understand the privilege that a Headington education has given her and be empowered to give something back. She will spend time considering how people’s life experiences differ from her own and how she can use the advantages from which she benefits to support others, while also recognising how much she can learn from them. She will care about the environment, and be committed to a sustainable world and take actions to lessen her own impact on the environment.

Some of the ways we do this:

  • We support and encourage pupil-led committees such as the charity and eco-committees, and give them the opportunity to make real difference to the way the school works.
  • Advocacy for equality and Global issues.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence through PSHE and similar form time activities.