By the time she leaves Prep School at 11:

She will leave the Prep School as a confident, independent thinker with effective communication skills. She will enthusiastically engage in wide-ranging discussions and debates and confidently form her own opinions. She will play an active role in school life and confidently express her views. She may perform to a high level across the performing arts and use her leadership skills to plan, organise and deliver presentations, or express her confidence by representing the School in sports fixtures and tournaments. A wide range of competitive and performance opportunities enable girls to become increasingly resilient and to develop grit. She will be digitally savvy and confident in conducting her life online, aware of the impact of big data and artificial intelligence. She will use technology safely and responsibly. She will have the skills necessary for the transition to Senior School and she will know her strengths. She will be aware of different career choices and know she has the ability to make a positive difference and change the world.

Some of the ways we do this:

  • Leadership skills are taught throughout the School - this starts in EYFS as a special helper and culminates in wide ranging leadership positions in Year 6.
  • Wellbeing programme: AS Tracking and MHFA training.
  • Pupil voice: opportunities for debate and discussion, Votes for Schools
  • Co-curricular opportunities: wide ranging school trips and events, speech and drama, dance and wide ranging performances and showcases from Nursery. Pupils interact with a range of different audiences.
  • Strong digital literacy skills.‘Innovate’ tasks in the Creative Curriculum

By the time she leaves Senior School at 18:

She will be confident when in social, professional situations and new environments, able to interact with new people, taking the lead in a conversation and feeling comfortable if called upon to address a group. She will feel at ease with her accomplishments and ready to take on new challenges, with an awareness that she is equipped for whatever choices she makes in her personal and professional life. She is likely to have held a leadership role during her time in school which provided her with opportunities to develop her self awareness and empathy. She will have a clear understanding of her strengths and weaknesses and is confident to contribute her thoughts and ideas with both peers and adults in a range of settings. She will have the confidence of her convictions, which have been informed by her experience of encountering opposing opinions and her own research, but is willing to listen to and consider other viewpoints.

She will confidently make the appropriate choices for her health, nutrition and wellbeing.

Some of the ways we do this:

  • Encourage girls to push their boundaries on challenging local and international activities and trips.
  • Generate opportunities for lively and informed academic debate and discussion with boys and girls from other local schools.
  • Opportunities to meet external speakers, to engage in academic debate with those out of their peer groups.
  • To host and present to external visitors.
  • Middle School congress membership and opportunity to be interviewed and then voted for. Leadership across the School.