Opportunities for Development

Investing in the academic and pastoral curriculums, to enable pupils in both the Prep and Senior School to access the right course of study for them at their stage of development, and to encourage and foster self-reflection and the development of emotional literacy in order to support positive mental health and wellbeing of our pupils.

Build outstanding and inspiring opportunities for staff to enhance their careers at Headington, both for those at the start of their professional journey and for those seeking ongoing professional development and leadership opportunities. Support the training of new teachers through a variety of routes, including the SCITT programme and by offering PGCE support, and maximise the potential of all staff with innovative and forward-thinking initiatives such as the installation of a teaching lab and the development of a teacher-centred professional development review system.

Develop co-curricular pathways through school that give girls with a particular interest a clear development path developing transferable skills during their time with us. Those with an interest in, for example, Engineering, Community Action, or Entrepreneurship, would be able to see a clearly structured pathway that would lead them to leadership opportunities and a deeper understanding of their area of interest.

Adjustments to the structure of the school day putting pastoral care at the heart of the pupil experience and to allow for further developments in our co-curricular programme. Aim to create a scenario where joint co-curricular activities can take place after school with pupils from local schools, increasing the opportunities for pupils to challenge themselves and develop the qualities outlined above.

Actively seek opportunities to develop further partnerships with local schools and other organisations, with awareness of the need to cement existing relationships and engage more pupils, both Headington and otherwise, in meaningful and fruitful partnership activities. Grow the Sixth Form Community Service programme, investigate opportunities to open up the Saturday Academies programme to boys and maintained school partners, and ensure that all Headington pupils feel connected and engaged with their local community, and the wider Headington family.