Creating a sense of belonging, self-identity and self-worth are at the core of what we’re trying to achieve. We want to develop happy, grounded individuals.

Deputy Head Pastoral

Helping girls to grow and flourish

From her first day, your daughter will discover a world of exciting possibilities – with no limits to what she can accomplish.

We recognise that the key to unlocking potential is about more than just great teaching, academic rigour and outstanding facilities. The atmosphere at Headington Prep is welcoming and relaxed; girls are genuinely happy and have all the support they need to help them develop emotionally as well as academically.

We encourage girls to try new experiences and embrace risk-taking in their learning and because staff know girls as individuals, we can provide them with support personalised to their own needs.

Our emphasis on encouraging confident communication in the classroom means girls are able to articulate thoughts and express feelings clearly from an early age. Weekly personal reflection periods give girls time to consider performance and behaviour and our highly-experienced staff constantly monitor all aspects of their well-being.

As girls begin to form their sense of self-identity, we help them navigate interpersonal relationships and nurture friendships for the future.