There are no limits on what our girls can achieve. I want them to be confident and relaxed about who they are, to be prepared to face a challenge, take risks and understand that if they don’t succeed the first time, that’s how we learn.

Jane Crouch, Head of Prep

The best start in life

Welcome to Headington Prep School – a safe and nurturing environment for your daughter’s first steps in education.

Your daughter will love coming to school every day. It’s somewhere exciting and fun, where she will gain knowledge, happy memories and make wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime.

As she progresses through the School, she will discover new experiences and opportunities, new subjects and interests to feed even the most curious mind.

She will learn from first-rate teachers, experts in their subject areas, who will help draw out her talent, challenge her and support her to realise her full potential – without pressure, so she can enjoy the experience.

From the outset, we will encourage your daughter to throw herself into school life and will instil in her our core values: to be kind to others and herself, to aim high and to have the confidence to take risks in learning.

The School is underpinned by Christian principles but we welcome girls of all faiths or none.