The Hive: Creativity & Innovation Centre

We are excited to be leading the way as a school by putting creative thinking at the heart of a Headington education. We want to ensure that every pupil thinks creatively in everything she does, and are delighted that our Creativity & Innovation Centre: The Hive officially opened in September 2021, benefiting not only our current pupils, but future generations of Headingtonians.

The Hive provides the perfect setting for girls to explore and develop their creative and artistic talents and since its opening, The Hive has allowed us to introduce History of Art, Photography and Creative Engineering & Design into the curriculum. Creative Engineering & Design has become very popular; lessons encourage the pupils to consider important issues of sustainability when designing, prototyping and manufacturing. Pupils discuss the relative merits of different materials, are asked to review and develop designs to reduce materials use, and also to consider options for disassembly for recycling. As pupils start to study 3D Design at GCSE level next year there will be opportunities for sustainability themed individual projects to take centre stage. Click to watch and learn more about the subject.

The Emma Watson Gallery

We are delighted to announce that our Exhibition Gallery in The Hive has been named The Emma Watson Gallery.

As you may be aware, Emma Watson is an alumna of Headington School, having left in 2008. As a whole school community, we greatly admire Emma’s many achievements, not only as an outstanding actress, but as an exceptional role model for women. As a talented artist at Headington and following her continued passion for art and sustainable fashion, Emma is honoured that the Gallery is named after her and we hope that future generations of Headingtonians will be inspired to follow in her footsteps.

Alumnae naming opportunities

As our fundraising campaign moves into a new and distinct phase, our focus now is on providing additional key pieces of equipment such as metal machining, welding and brazing equipment, with the aim of creating an environment for Design and Engineering that can accommodate ambitious projects and high level study for pupils of all ages and many future generations of Headingtonians.

It is thanks to the generous support of alumnae, parents and the wider community that we are able to deliver this transformative project for our Headington pupils and donations of any size will make a real difference in helping us to achieve our campaign for a creative thinking future.

Donate your Leaving Year and your name will be recognised on our donor wall in The Hive. For example if you left in 2012 = Why not donate: £2012, £212, £20.12 or £2.12!

If you would like to get involved we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Helen Batchelor, External Relations Trustee

on or call +44 (0)1865 759191.