Fabienne Davies

(née Morgan, 2007)

Mr and Mrs Davies; delighted to share the news of our wedding, which was planned for Florence 2020 and we finally celebrated in Balham in 2021. I had always wanted to visit Florence from my History of Art lessons with Dr Morrish, and having visited five years ago, we planned our wedding in a former monastery nestled in the Fiesole hills but swapped for Balham High Road instead after postponing two dates due to Covid.

Jess Gladdle

(née Wong, 2005, class of 2007)

I would like to share the news that I have recently got married to Tom Gladdle and am now Mrs Jessica Gladdle (née Wong). Our wedding day was Saturday 29th May 2021, in Abthorpe, Northamptonshire. This was our 5th wedding date, changed many times due to Covid restrictions, so we were overjoyed that it could finally go ahead! Although we were only allowed to have 30 people total, I was still able to invite a few of my closest friends from Headington.

Image 1: Jess and her husband Tom

Image 2: from left to right: Kathryn Fielding (2007), Sarah Peake (2007), Imogen Jackson-Mayow (née Wynell Mayow, 2007), Sarah Dye (née Ambrose, 2007), Hermione Upton-Speed (2007) and Claire Evans (née Fraser, 2005, class of 2007).

Katherine Miles


John and I got married in June 2021 in Oxfordshire. I was pleased to have so many Headingtonians with us. Thea Stratton was unfortunately overseas and was missed very much by Ella, Cressy and me.

Image 1: from left to right: Katherine Miles, Roberta Miles (née Herkes, 1980)

Image 2: from left to right: Olivia Batchelor (2012, class of 2014), Katherine Miles, Helen Batchelor (née Miles, 1978)

Image 3: from left to right: Cressy Travis (2011), Ella Fleminger (2011)

Becca Pelly-Fry


I got married to Emmanuel (Mani) Hill in May 2021, in the midst of Covid restrictions, and we are celebrating one year of marriage with a wedding in the woods near Tring on 14 May 2022. Mani has three children, so I have become a stepmother to his wonderful kids: Lena (20), Aidan (17) and Connor (14).